Authors: Original version - joric | Web page, subtitles - Mehotkhan (donate) | Many fixes, improvements, and everything else - CyberShadow
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Bandersnatch Interactive Player

Select Bandersnatch video file ( 5:12:14 ) Great, your file is selected
  • This player is known to work only on Google Chrome or Chromium.
  • Obtain the Bandersnatch video file (duration should be 5:12:14).
    Tested with Black.Mirror.Bandersnatch.2018.720p.WEB-DL.x264.DUAL.mkv.
  • Drag it on top of this box (or click here to select it).
  • Subtitles in many languages are available.
  • To change the subtitle:
    1. Right click on the video
    2. Enable "Show controls"
    3. Click on the in the bottom-right
    4. Select the desired subtitle
    5. You can now hide the player controls in the same way as step 1-2.
  • Note: do not use the "full screen" button in the video player if you enable "Show controls". Choice selection interface will not be visible if you do this.
    Keyboard controls
  • F - Toggle fullscreen
  • R - Restart video
  • / - Jump to the next / previous segment (or interaction zone)
  • / - Speed up / slow down playback
  • Space - Toggle play and pause